Fan Zhuo is the adopted son of Fan Qi and adoptive brother of Fan Jin. He was taken under Fan Qi's wing because his father, one of those with the skin map on their back, had felt that something was wrong with the way the 12 Palaces were treating them. He had left his son and wife in the Lower realm while he went to check his feeling. When Fan Qi received the cry for help from Fan Zhuo's father he rushed to get the child.

To protect Fan Zhuo as the child was very weak he said that he was his son, when it was Fan Jin. He stayed week and sickly until he met Jun Wu Xie who cured, not without any troubles, thought.

He is very low-key but is also one of the minds who can keep up with Jun Wu Xie.

He has a special ability, he is a ring forger. This ability is passed down from generation to generation and is blood related. It was given to him from his mother's side. The ring forgers write runes on either black gold or silver gold to increase the properties of ring spirits. This ability is greatly respected.

The runes are picked up by Jun Wu Xie.