Overview Edit

Jun Wu Yao is the male lead and main love interest. He used to be a God, however he was punished for his unruly temperament. When he arrived in the Middle Realm he united the four main powers, One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces under the Dark Regime, he is the "dead" ruler of the Dark Regime. Jun Wu Xie frees him from his restraints, and her unique personality captures his attention. For a period of time he makes many advances but it becomes misleading as he lets her refer to him as big brother, later however, they become an item, and he starts to act shy.

His looks could rival anyone under the heavens and only Jun Wu Xie is a match. The height of his power is not defined but should be around Single Spirit Hoop, however during his years of captivity he had lost many cultivation ranks in sustaining his life thus not making this the highest power he has ever wielded in the Three Realms.

Personality Edit

His personality is eccentric and cruel, showing his soft side only to Jun Wu Xie. To him life is like grass and the only one to have been seen able to completely restrain his bloodthirsty urges are Jun Wu Xie.

Although his personality is slightly twisted he will go through many pains to give the best of the best to Jun Wu Xie and treats her as his biggest and most important treasures. Even if he is repeatedly absent at the beginning of the novel where she continuously placed herself in many distressing situations.

Abilities Edit

He does not use spiritual power nor a ring spirit but instead his power is materialized through black mist. He as well as his subordinates can control this mist and snakes.

He is extremely knowledgeable on this world as of course he used to be a God.